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We at Vel Marketing & Sales are manufacturing and supplying organic farming inputs like Panchagavya, Agniastra pesticide, Herbal pest repellent, Cow Urine, Cow dry dung – Manure, Ganajeevamrutha, Indian Cow arka, Cow dry dung – Varati, Thiruneer, Sticky traps pad, Sticky traps bottle, Enriched Bio-Organic Manure, Bio Granules, Organic Granules, Neem Oil, Neem Oil Emulsifier, Neem cake / granules, Neem pellet, Neem manure, Peanut cake/

Pongan cake / granules, ilupai cake / granules, Castor cake / granules, Coir pith Block, Epsom salt, Seaweed Extract Gel, Seaweed Extract Liquid, Seaweed Extract Powder, Super Potassium F Humat Shinny flakes, Humic liquid, Humic (formulated Liquid), Bio Fulvic acid, Amino acid etc., and supplying agriculture, Carden accessories like and Folding plastic crates, Paddy nursery tray, Hydroponics trays, Egg tray, Pro tray/Seedling tray, Root-trainer, etc.

#28, Chinnayanpet Main Road, Venkateshwara Nagar, Pondicherry, India 605001

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