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Turbo Ventilators India has been in Fabrication Business for last Seven years. Prior to that the promoters have more than thirty years of experience in fabrication of industrial ventilation solutions. At Turbo Ventilators India, turbo ventilators are built with precision each and every part of it is tested in our labs for the accuracy and durability. Our products are guaranteed to perform.

Our turbo ventilators are manufactured in aluminium stainless steel and color coated material. Fitted with sealed ball bearing. The Fins are very light and designed to rotate the ventilators with the slightest breeze, which sets the ventilator into motion. Once in motion it is very rare that the ventilator will ever stop thus ventilating your building continuously for years to come.

Village Bullawala, Doiwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India 248040

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