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The Happy Turtle is a sustainability consultancy striving to promote a plastic-free, eco-friendly lifestyle to secure a greener future for all of Earth’s inhabitants. It was established by Richa Malik, an Engineer turned XLRI MBA Graduate turned Corporate Bee turned Scuba Diving Instructor turned Entrepreneur. She is joined by Tushar Chaudhary, B-School graduate and serial entrepreneur in the automobile sector. We at the Happy Turtle aim to -

  • Spread Awareness about the Impact of Plastic
  • Measure the extent of avoidable plastic usage via the Plastic Footprint Calculator
  • Promote the Adoption of the 4 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Provide Green Alternatives for Plastic Products currently used
  • Share Easy Ways for Living a Plastic-Free Lifestyle

We work towards spreading awareness about Plastic waste and its impact. We believe every small effort counts and even a single straw reduced in the ocean today may save a turtle tomorrow. With this in mind, we provide the following products and services both for individuals and businesses:

  • Know your business’ plastic footprint with our highly-effective proprietary Footprint Calculator
  • Plastic-Free Certification Score: Get a certified rating for your premises based on your Plastic Footprint
  • End-to-End 100% Plastic-free alternative Solutions: A range of 100% Biodegradable products delivered at your doorstep
#205, Plot No. 6, Vardhman Arihant Chamber, K P Block Commercial Complex, Pitampura, Delhi, India 110088

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