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AAC Block Jointing Mortar

Magna Green produces factory-mixed AAC Joint Mortar as a part of its conviction to produce innovative and high-quality construction industry materials. Magna AAC Block Joint Mortar is a semi-mix supreme quality mortar used for the joining and bonding of AAC blocks. The presence of highly formulated polymers in the mortar stops water getting vaporized and provides good bonding strength between the blocks, which suits for both load-bearing and framed structure constructions.

Magna Green is the best manufacturer and supplier of AAC Block Jointing Mortar in India. AAC Block Jointing Mortar is a non-sag, lightweight mortar that provides for an easier installation of AAC blocks. AAC block is a one-component mortar that sets and hardens quickly and easily. AAC Block Jointing Mortar has a Class fire rating and is easy to clean. Block Jointing Mortar durable and strong product that does not shrink, crack or deteriorate over time.

#53, NRN Complex, 80 Feet Road, Sengunthapuram, Karur, Tamil Nadu, India 639002

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