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Happy Jars Natural Peanut Butter

How it all began

Happy Jars is a passion project. We are peanut butter lovers & wellness enthusiasts. We realized that there were not enough peanut butters available in the Indian market that didn't have added oil, added sugar and so many other unnecessary ingredients that we still can't pronounce. So we took on the challenge - to come up with the perfect recipe for a great tasting, 100% natural peanut butter, from 100% natural ingredients.

Only healthy ingredients

Once you smell a jar of Happy Jars, you'll never go back to eating the other stuff.

Each Happy Jar has more than 94% roasted peanuts, blended into a lovely creamy texture, great for spreading on toast and fruit, mixing in shakes, or just licking it straight out of the jar with a spoon.

We've made sure we stay as far away from the unhealthy stuff as possible. We use jaggery as a sweetener for the Original Creamy & Crunchy jars. We're minimal with the quantity we use so it's the perfect food for the health conscious.

Most store-bought brands use hydrogenated fats, oils and preservatives which makes the peanut butter last almost 1.5 years on the shelf! Nothing that stays for so long can be healthy. Happy Jars uses only the natural oils from inside the peanuts to blend them to a smooth creamy texture. They're 100% healthy, super tasty, and you'll finish a jar so fast that shelf life is not a problem!

Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560068

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