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Fresh Food Technology believes that healthy, formal businesses form the foundation for any country to develop, flourish and prosper. Not by creating a dependency on grants to patch the deficiencies of a failing economy and/or government.

Fresh Food Technology combines honest entrepreneurship and development work. We build on years of (field) experience in both areas: development workers with an affinity for business economics and successful entrepreneurs inspired by the challenges and opportunities in developing countries. Instead of treating poor farmers as ‘beneficiaries’, they become our business partners, who are to own and run the business (eventually) themselves.

In cooperation with social investors and rural development organizations, we are defining alternative models for regional development, driven by farmer-led, producer companies. Fresh Food Technology has won the "Fair Business Practices Award" at the 4th SMEs Excellence Award by the ASSOCHAM.

No. 1012 , A-40, Ithum Tower , Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India 201301

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