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Earth Friendly Generation (EFG) was established to promote the environmental values based on the constitution of India. Article 48A and Article 51A. I am also happy that people are also realizing the need to protect our environment, for which EFG is started as a humble effort towards that goal. We look forward to your visit to our office which is situated at Chiephobozou Town which is 25KM away from Kohima main town, Nagaland, India. Do help us in our new upcoming environmental initiatives. 

At present scenario, Entrepreneurs’ has become one of the most important roles to be played in every society for social development. It has become a trend where the development in various sectors is being neutralist using natural resources for benefits/profit base. Therefore, Earth Friendly Generation under its project “A Billion Hours Project” is aiming to promote local entrepreneurs’ also makes the entrepreneurs’ to use Natural Resources judiciously to preserve and protect the environment in the State.

H.No:37, Hospital Colony, Near ADC Office, Chiephobozou Town, Kohima, Nagaland, India 797105

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