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Back to Nature: Pros and Cons of using Natural Building Materials

Author – Mattea Jacobs The need for new construction has increased exponentially due to rapid development and population growth. Architectural design and construction activities have...

Examining the hype about Zero Budget Natural Farming

Authors – Sreesvarna B & Apoorva Srinivas Monsoon rains have finally arrived this year and all of us can take a sigh of relief now...

Recyclable Roofing Materials That Are Perfect For Your Home

Author – Ron Wolf In today’s world, going eco-friendly is always a smart option. Not only is this good for the planet, but this can...

Natural Cooling Systems

Natural Cooling Systems manufactures turbo ventilators that are easy to operate, zero energy, zero maintenance Turbo Roof Air Ventilators

BRICS Bio Natural Cleaners

Biological Research Innovation Centre & Solutions LLP (BRICS Bio) is founded with the intention of developing sustainable and safer technologies using bio-based innovations. Our...

Bio Organic & Natural

At Bio Organic & Natural, we are inspired by nature’s secret healing properties hidden in its precious oils, fragrant flowers, healing herbs, flavored spices and other valuable botanicals
Natural Dyeing in India

Growing Popularity of Natural Dyes in India

With synthetic dyes posing a threat to the human body and also to the environment, many Indian brands are shifting to the use of natural dyes.

Devbhumi Natural Products Producers Company Ltd

Our Producer/shareholder families include beekeepers, spice and rajma cultivators, silk-worm rearers, silk yarn spinners, and weavers. Producers are from farm households located throughout the Garhwal high Himalayan districts in a pristine, pollution and chemical-free environment.

Natural Fiber Products for Eco-Friendly Living

If natural fiber products such as eco-friendly clothing and home furnishings are adopted in our lifestyle, our idea of going green can become effective

Venkatesh Natural Extracts Pvt Ltd

Venkatesh Natural Extract Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in year 2000. An ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety accredited pioneer institution in the field of manufacturing of natural food additives and Active Ingredient raw material manufactured in India.