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Article Writing Guidance for Ecoideaz

Ecoideaz.com is a comprehensive portfolio of all eco-friendly ideas developed in India. Since it is a business-oriented website that presents information both from the investor and consumer perspective, we require our writers to adhere to certain content quality standards. We do not want web-researched articles; either you must have thorough knowledge on the topic or you must interview experts in that particular field.​ Please send us your chosen topic and get it approved before you proceed.​

Guest bloggers and commercial content writers are welcome to submit their articles to us, provided they adhere to our standards. Please go through these guidelines and submit your article:

  • Go through the guidelines given in the “Write-for-us” page before suggesting a topic
  • Our magazine on green innovations is based in India so suggest topics relevant to Indian audiences only
  • Write guidance topics only if you are an expert in that particular field
  • Mail us a few suitable topics that are either expert opinions or innovations that address an environmental problem
  • Avoid placing commercial web-links in your article unless you are ready to pay for it
  • Attach JPG files of a few relevant images that are classified as Creative Commons
  • Only one back link will be provided for a guest blog

​Expert guidance articles on environmental issues

The purpose is to present the existing knowledge about an ecological issue in a methodical manner, so that a layman can clearly understand the issue. The guidance provider must have some basic knowledge or personal experience on the topic. Cover each of these points in an article of 900-1000 words:

  • Provide a proper intro with a connection to the current situation
  • Begin with a brief description to define the topic, types of categories, etc.
  • Describe the existing solutions and emerging innovative ideas
  • Briefly describe any implemented examples in India
  • Provide a factfile of all your sources and web-links
  • Provide good quality images as JPG files
  • Check examples in our Expert Corner

Case studies on innovative ideas and implemented practices

The purpose is to showcase the most innovative green idea in India. So, the selected idea has to be innovative and must be created by an Indian or a person of Indian origin. It can be an unpatented idea in pilot stage:

  • Begin the intro by stating the problem faced
  • Explain how the person got the idea to counter the problem
  • Describe the innovative idea in detail along with a technical details in a table (optional)
  • Provide details on what makes this idea different from others (USP)
  • Mention any negative points or drawbacks that prevent mass adoption
  • Provide specific sub-heads ​in your article ​– Problem, Solution, Tech specs, Disadvantages, etc
  • Check examples in our Green Ideas section

Showcase of Eco-friendly products

The chosen green product category must be unique and be commercially available in India.

  • Begin the intro by stating the problem faced
  • Explain how the product addresses the current problem
  • Describe the product’s salient features and internal components
  • Provide the technical specifications in a table
  • Discuss the pricing and the availability of the product
  • If it is a generic product, compare various brands available
  • Provide description for each brand in 50 words each

​*Plagiarism is not tolerated. Do not copy paste chunks of info from other sources.

Send your article to editor@ecoideaz.com