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Solar Power Takes Wings at India’s Airports

Solar power seems to be approaching the tipping point to become a mainstream energy source in India.

Solar Power Takes Wings at Airports in India

Since airports have empty lands as buffer zones for aircraft visibility, many airports in India have adopted solar power to cater to their energy needs

White Paper – Solar Power Business Opportunities in India

Solar Power Business - There are lucrative opportunities opening up for small businesses in solar power. Please download our e-book on Opportunities in Solar Power in India:

Concentrated Solar Power in India – Still in Infancy?

There are three main types of technologies used for concentrated solar power in India. Each of these CSP technologies have their own merits and demerits
Solar Water Pumping System

Solar Powered Agricultural Tools in India

Solar powered agricultural tools such as pumps, tills, driers, etc. can be a viable alternative to agricultural machinery operating on fossil fuels like diesel.
Solar Powered Air Conditioning in India

Solar Powered Air Conditioning in India

There are some inspiringly simple technologies on offer in solar powered air conditioning. These eco-friendly air conditioning systems offers a reduction in carbon emissions as well.

Plans for solar and wind power projects on India-Pakistan border

The Government of India plans to set up solar and wind power projects on a 30km long and 20km wide area of land along...

Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd

Tata Power Solar is India’s largest integrated solar company that is driven by the singular vision – harness power of the sun to enable solar everywhere

Can Solar-Wind Hybrid Systems Bring Power to Indian Villages?

Creating a solar-wind hybrid power system can be ideal for rural areas, since it integrates the capabilities of both solar and wind energy to provide electricity

Solar 91 Jaipur

Solar 91 is the leading solar energy company in Jaipur provides complete 360-degree solutions for solar power, solar EPC, solar PV panels, permission and approval for a solar plant, ground-mounted and rooftop solar projects