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We service by providing customized products creation for customers out of urban trash by process of Upcycling.

The non-biodegradable materials tackled are plastic, paper, styrofoam, metal, glass, cardboard and e-waste.
The upcyled products are economic in cost and quirky, modern and personalized in look.

We create upcyled products under our brand name ScrapShala and conduct workshops/campaigns for urban waste management.

Our vision is to reduce the pressure on landfills and water-bodies, to develop a public cloud-based data base for waste generation for Varanasi, to bring behavioral change at consumer level with respect to mindless trashing by promoting innovation and the concept of zero-waste and generate a market for upcycled goods.

Our products and service aim to increase the lifetime and value of non-biodegradable stuff and recreate decor and utility products with least energy consumption.

We create products for:
Home Decor
Office Decor and accessories
Themed parties/event decor
Customized for cafes/restaurants

Products by ScrapShala are recreated from multiple unused scrap items by process of upcycling.

More than 75% of the product is made out of various upcycled items.

The cost of finished products will be least as compared to any other product of same utility available in market.

These products can have great aesthetic, utility and social value.

The upcycled products can be customized in look and cost based on customer's choice.

Products look quirky, modern and might be adopted as fashion statement by youth.

A team of youth for rural areas assist in creating our products.

Each product we create has a beautiful story woven around its creation.
Our artisans come from under-privileged background and consist of men and women who had traditional skills such as painting, tailoring and carpentry but due to unfortunate circumstances were not able to make a respectable living.

Everytime you buy a product of Scrapshala, you support and give recognition to work of artisans involved with us.


Phone: 8400029536
Varanasi, 59 gurudham colony, Uttar Pradesh, India 221010


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