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Peak International is pioneer in making this planet eco-friendly by manufacturing biodegradable palm leaf plates. Unlike plastic products that spoil earth, we have found a solution to safeguard the atmosphere by producing the disposable plates that degrade very soon leaving no pollution. These are the finest eco friendly plates on the earth that are manufactured from 100% natural and unique materials that are obtained in the most natural way.

These areca leaf plates are made from the naturally fallen leaves of areca trees that grow in moderate temperatures. These leaves were considered to be wastes before a couple of decades and were thrown away. But we have found a way to make art from waste by making beautiful plates and soup bowls out of them. They are sold with India and are also exported worldwide.

Different types of palm leaf plates are made to be used in different occasions and places such as noodles plate, pizza plate, cake plate, sauce plate, chicken tray, mutton tray, bread plate, bread tray, outdoor picnic plates, fish plate, soup cup, vegetable plate, curry tray, sweet tray, sauce bowls, fondue cups and many more.

The areca leaves have found their value in all special occasions such as weddings, betrothal parties, get together parties, birthday parties, baby showers, ice breaking ceremonies and festivals. People prefer these areca plates as they are green friendly and easy to handle. They are thick but weightless and give you the feel of using wooden plates.

There are so many positive aspects why people love these palm leaf plates over thermacool products or paper plates. Thermacool products are not destroyed naturally and emit poisonous gas on combustion. The paper plates are of course biodegradable but they are not sturdy to handle and they are manufactured by destroying millions of trees. Our areca leaf plates are manufactured by leaves of the trees that fall naturally in particular season and so no harm is done to the natural existence.

These eco friendly plates are very easy to handle and serve. They do not bend or break very easily and so they are highly preferred in buffet dinners and parties. They have a neat and beautiful woody finish that they look like wooden plates. A food served in wooden plates really adds glamour to the special occasion in which they are used and so they are welcomed by people all over the world.

Peak International has undertaken the noble venture of popularizing this product worldwide which so far was not known to the world outside India. We have a noble aim of creating a pollution free environment with biodegradable substances. We want these eco friendly plates to replace the harmful non-degradable materials in every household. So we offer them at highly affordable rates in neat and clean packing that would ensure only high quality products to reach your premises.

Phone: +91 9994091360 +91 9965591361
Erode, Tamil Nadu, India 638009


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