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District Bio Fuel Demonstration and Information Center JNN College of Engineering, Shimoga:

Bio Fuel means Bio Diesel or ethanol produced from non edible oils, juice of plants and animal fat. Bio diesel is produced from non edible oils such as Pongamia, Neem, Jathropa etc. by transesterification process. The advantages of bio fuel are many.

  1. Employment for rural sector and additional income generation.
  2. Good quality manure for agriculture land
  3. Helps large scale Aforestation
  4. Prevents soil erosion and helps to improve soil fertility  and water table
  5. It is renewable and eco friendly
  6. No engine  modification required for the use of biodiesel
  7. Engine life increases and less lubricant is required
  8. Lesser quantity of polluting gas emissions.
  9. Helps to reduce global warming
  10. Saves import of crude petroleum

Considering the above advantages, Government of Karnataka has formed Biofuel development board under which district level “Biofuel Demonstration and Information centers have been set up in various districts. Shimoga district center has been set up at JNN College of Engineering. This information centre has been conceptualised as a showcase to study, promote & demonstrate all aspects of the bio-fuel business namely,

  1. Providing information on Bio Fuels.
  2. Various sources of oil.
  3. Agronomic practices for these sources.
  4. Post-harvest technologies like de-cortication, oil expelling etc.
  5. Treatment & uses of oils.
  6. Trans-esterification methods & efficiencies.
  7. Quality control of seeds, oils & blended bio-diesel & ethanol.
  8. Optimisation of usage of straight vegetable oils (SVO`s) & blended bio-fuels.
  9. Exploration of various business models w.r.t. Bio-fuel secto.r
  10. R&D and extension services.

It is  functioning since one month and has produced 400 literes of Bio Diesel so far. Test runs on vehicles have been carriedout.
For more information contact

Phone: +91 809 504 0747
Shimoga, Karnataka, India


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