Are Solar Panels Really Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly?


Solar energy is one of the most practical applications of sustainable living. To be an independent power producer by generating solar power has become affordable and profitable even in a developing country like India. However, are solar panels really energy efficient and eco-friendly?

This is a nagging question that remains at the back of every eco-conscious citizen’s mind. While there is no doubt that solar energy is a clean form of energy, questions loom around the “actual” green index of solar panels. This is primarily because the large factories that manufacture these panels tend to be powered by conventional sources of energy like coal, or nuclear power and they pollute a lot. Further, there are apprehensions about aspects of transport, installation, packaging, and ultimately recycling of solar panels.

“Do the solar panels produce more energy than what is required to manufacture and install them?” This has created reservations among eco-sensitive consumers about the legitimacy of solar energy as a green technology, ultimately hindering its adoption. There are forums that have attempted to answer this question. Most of these answers are fuelled by opinion rather than facts. Opinions are good to have, they enable conversations. But, on the other hand, they do not break the barrier for solar energy adoption, especially for the vast majority that is still a skeptic.

Solarify, a solar energy service company based out of Bangalore, has approached that question with logical reasoning, something that actually put the question to rest. It claims that solar panels produce 9 times more energy than what it takes to manufacture, transport, install and recycle them.  And, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Click here to read more


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