India Cements unveils Coromandel Cares initiative to promote water conservation


Coromandel King from The House of India Cements, has launched a green initiative styled ‘Coromandel Cares’ to address the issues of depleting ground water, and a water crisis particularly in Bengaluru and Mysuru cities in Karnataka.

India Cements has launched this Coromandel Cares online forum to act as an interactive platform for running go green campaigns in Bangalore and Mysore. As part of the initiative, Coromandel Cares will reach out to individuals who are building independent homes and provide them seed balls for growing trees in their new dream homes. It will also offer expert advice to them in building rainwater harvesting structures in their homes for water conservation under the guidance of renowned scientist Rainman, A.R.Shivakumar.

Information on Coromandel Cares initiatives will be available on its website and social media pages as well (Facebook and Instagram). The social media pages will provide information and tips on how to be part of this essential movement. The website will have solutions and options to reach out to us and our experts to learn how we can be of assistance to commoners.

Coromandel Cares will utilize the services of influencers like its dealers, contractors and masons and other experts in environment protection in running the campaigns on a sustainable basis in these regions. Talking to the media, Ramesh B , President – Sales & Marketing, India Cements said, “As part of this unique initiative, we will partner with events and activities that promote on a sustainable basis rain water harvesting and go green campaigns to create public awareness”

Eminent Scientist and Water Management Advisor, A.R.Shivakumar said, this initiative to green the city with its Seed Bomb campaign and promotion of Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) with scientific and cost effective interventions for water conservation is a welcome gesture from a corporate house. He felt, such participatory approach and incentives from ‘Coromandel Cares’ in addressing the environment protection will encourage house owners and apartment builders to adopt greener initiatives.
Date: 09.08.2019 | Source: India Cements

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