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Recyclable Roofing Materials That Are Perfect For Your Home

Author – Ron Wolf In today’s world, going eco-friendly is always a smart option. Not only is this good for the planet, but this can...

Back to Nature: Pros and Cons of using Natural Building Materials

Author – Mattea Jacobs The need for new construction has increased exponentially due to rapid development and population growth. Architectural design and construction activities have...

Finding Solutions to Plastic Waste Management In India

Author – Sourav Daspatnaik Rapid population growth, urbanization, and industrial growth have led to severe waste management problems in cities around the world. Simultaneous development...

IPL cricket matches go zero-waste by implementing Green Protocol

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has joined the group of zero-waste events by hosting its first Green Protocol match in Bengaluru recently. The eighth...

Econirmitee – Solid Waste Recycling Solutions

Econirmitee is a green company offering innovative solutions in the field of waste management. Our products and services are envisioned to create sustainable value out of scientific waste recycling

E-waste Recycling in India – Managing a Growing Crisis

E-waste recycling is a serious issue to be worked upon. However busy our lives have become, we can help by following the 3R mantra to address this issue – R

Can We Convert Plastic Waste to Petroleum?

Some innovators in India have come up with interesting ideas to convert plastic waste to petroleum to deal with the massive amounts of plastic waste generated
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Waste Segregation in India: A wake up call!

Solid waste management is the biggest challenge faced in metropolitan cities. The simplest solution to this problem is waste segregation at households

Teaching Science with Toys from Trash – Arvind Gupta

Arvind Gupta created simple innovative toys from trash by turning recycled waste material into seriously entertaining, yet well-designed educational tools...

Upcycling clothes to create trendy eco-friendly fashion

Author – Jessica Dsouza Reduce, reuse and recycle has become the buzzword among urbanites to reduce the heaps of waste piling up in cities...